“Green tour” – Borjomi – Rabat

Breakfast in the hotel. We leave to the south-west of Georgia. The first stop is Borjomi. The city of Borjomi is famous all over the world for its mineral water. The group will have the opportunity to try a real Borjomi taste – which is not at all like Borjomi, which is sold in stores.

In Borjomi just air is enough to be fulfilled with your daily need of food (although on arrival there will be a possibility to have a snack =) ), and a real Borjomi is a medicine for the stomach and intestines. In the city, the group will be held along the park-preserve, where they will familiarize themselves with the history of the city.



After Borjomi, we will go to Akhaltsikhe Fortress – Rabat, built in the 16th century and reconstructed in the 21st century. Rabat is a fortress legend, influenced by Georgians,  Turks, Jews, Russians. The fortress has a huge history, which the local guide will explain in detail (by the way, it became obligatory to take the local guide for acquaintance with the fortress, since before that there were a lot of conflicts connected with the interpretation of the fortress history).


After, there will be a meal in the local restaurant. At the end we return to Tbilisi.