Visit Tbilisi. Really.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia.

This city is 1,500 years old. Seriously. It’s older than probably most of the cities in the world. Tourism here grows rapidly. There are numerous tour operators, hotels, hostels and everybody will meet you with warmest hugs and love.

Georgia is known for its “guestloveliness”. People here LOVE guests. Tbilisi is a city with huge contrasts. Super old buildings are on the background of the sky scrappers, cafes, other new buildings.

Tbilisi is not an expensive city, you can taste every kind of Georgian cuisine with even a very limited budget. Also, it is noteworthy that Georgia is famous for its wine, which can be tasted almost on every step in Tbilisi.

A sightseeing tour of Tbilisi, accompanied by a guide, starts with a visit of the main Cathedral of Georgia – Tsminda Sameba (tr.: Holy Trinity Cathedral, built in connection with the celebration of the 1500th anniversary of the autocephaly of the Georgian church). This cathedral is located in the heart of the capital and is the third tallest Orthodox church in the world.

You can read about our tour in Tbilisi fully on the following LINK.


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